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Updated: Feb 17, 2021


Handmade art that is unique in design and promotes kindness

Exciting Exhibition News! (SER) Scenery Essence Redesign, Ltd. is happy to announce that Fine Artist Denise Lancaster will be exhibiting original works of art in the Short North.

The exhibition begins mid-March and will take place at the venue Grandview Mercantile & Revue. The exhibition will run from March 16th 2017 through June 30th 2017.

In addition to the Short North exhibition at Grandview Mercantile & Revue, Lancaster also has original works of art exhibiting for purchase at Strut the Salon. The beautiful painterly collection of watercolors will be displaying from Feb 2017 – May 1st 2017.


Grandview Mercantile & Revue

873-881 North High Street

Short North, Columbus, Ohio 43215

Strut The Salon

627 Parsons Avenue

Downtown, Columbus, OH 43206

Ohio Governor's Office

77 South High Street

Downtown, Columbus, OH 43215

(SER) Scenery Essence Redesign, Ltd is the world's leading luxury art paintings and prints purveyor, offering unequalled high-quality artwork of various genres: abstract, portrait, landscape, and still-life; including interior design enhancement services such as Art Installation + Feng Shui Consultation.

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