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COSI reopened to all COSI Members and the general public on June 3rd, 2021. COSI will be open (4) days a week from Thursday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm.. ¡Cuba¡ and the Heritage & History art installation exhibitions will run simultaneously.

(COSI) Center of Science and Industry and the American Museum of Natural History introduces both: ¡Cuba! A ¡Cuba! traveling art installation and The Heritage & History Art Gallery traveling exhibition of culture, countries, geography, eras, natural history, ancestry, biodiversity, and historical information from the Caribbean and world of art.

The Heritage & History Art Gallery “traveling exhibition” will feature works of art from a variety of Fine Artists including an original watercolor painting

by Watercolorist Denise Lancaster.

Both exclusive exhibitions will be held on COSI Museum grounds

at 333 West Broad Street Columbus, Ohio 43215.

Please read COSI’s COVID door reopening regulations here WEBSITE

The American Museum of Natural History Special Exhibition Gallery at COSI, ¡Cuba!

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