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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

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How to Style an Accent Table

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An accent table is a wonderful furniture element of home décor to elevate a space, and also an eye-catching item that can last a lifetime depending on if you invest in the right one. Accent tables are fun are come in a variety of sizes, materials, textures, and colors.

Here we have two genuine marble accent tables, both beautiful and unique in style. One marble table has a higher depth and dimension than the other; the mismatched marble table combination paired together brings a rich aura to the space while adding an aesthetic appeal.

Now for the styling, “the stacking technique.” First, begin by adding a couple of books to add more height and dimension. Then, add a quirky sculpture element like a decorative sphere (as on the marble table on the right). Lastly, a transparent tinted light-green glass knot sculpture is added parallel on the marble table-top to add a different texture.

Adding low maintenance plants or faux plants such as a mini succulent (on the marble table-top on the left) helps bring an organic nature feel, a taller object arrangement such as an hour-glass plays with décor height, lastly a shorter element such as a handmade ceramic vase finishes the look.

Always group things in pairs of two’s or three’s but never in excess, don’t overload. And don’t be afraid to mix and play with shape, material, texture, and color.


Keep it functional. Home décor shouldn’t be just anything, but something well-thought, such a souvenir that reminds you of a person, place, or event you love and puts a smile on your face.

Here we have a glass accent table-top. The styling technique was kept the same but the arrangement different. (From right to left): <Left>; “the stacking technique” foundation is topped off with a modish RH catalog, then layered with a uniquely-shaped multicolored lavish ceramic vase, a glass-knot sculpture is placed next the vase; (for the tabletop centerpiece): <Middle>; an iridescent elegant and transparent plate with handles beautifully frame a colorful collection of rocks that was collected locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally through traveling. <Right>; a luxury decorative Net-A-Porter box with a luxe ribbon elegantly completes the look with opulence.

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