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Updated: Sep 26, 2021



It is exciting be in a new month and a new season, accomplishing new goals, fulfilling new dreams. Autumn harvest season has already arrived as new aspirations and inspirations are being birthed out.

As the business owner of (SER) Scenery Essence Redesign, Ltd I've had an exciting year of exhibits and events. I am blessed to have had another year of recognition, honor, press, and prestige within the arts in 2017.

Now that the winter season is on its way, and colder climates are around the corner, as a Visual Artist I will be spending this time preparing for next year's creative journey.

As I take time away roughly between November 2017 - March 2018 from exhibits and events to prepare for next year during the colder season climates approaching, I will be creating new works of original art in my art studio. In addition to displaying added new arrival tiers of original works of art to the gallery via website; as I accept plus work on client commission requests. If you desire a specific one-of-a-kind custom piece of art please feel free to put in a (CCC) custom client commission request via email at or via phone at 1+ 540-SER-US87

A special thanks to my fellow clients, family, friends, and mentors who have been supporting me since I began my creative journey over the years and have watched me grow, transition, travel and excel.

As I prepare for whatever artistic surprises and creative spontaneities that may arise next year, this year is not fully quite over yet, and before it is I decided to set time aside to have a little fun.

After all the creative diligence, vigor, and resilience that went into 2017 from spring to autumn in the arts, I decided before winter hits I would like to end the year doing something major that has always been a big desire of mine.

By going on a Hot Air Balloon flight for the first time, which is a creatively unique adventurous way to tour and travel the earths perimeter instead of the typical way by plane, car, train or bus and me being very creative and unique felt the timing for this was perfect.

In my earlier years I spent a lot of time traveling the typical way with both family and friends to various places such as: Atlanta Georgia, Ontario & Toronto Canada, Chicago Illinois, Indianapolis Indiana, Kansas & Missouri Kansas City, New York, and all over Ohio to visit major cities and enjoy the city life.

However, since I was born with such an adventurous soul & creative spirit this time I wanted to try something different and unique by traveling on a hot air balloon flight in the country not the city, which was not only extremely fun and adventurous, but exciting.

Plus, I got to fulfill what many may call a " bucketlist" what I consider my dream of taking an exclusive scenic hot air balloon flight in the sky.

I have to admit from my youth up until my adult stage now, I never feared heights, ever, I still don't. I always got a thrill out of being high in the sky even on rollercoaster rides. There is something always so fascinating to me about the sky, and being high in it.

Even in my youth I always looked up toward the heavens admiring the clouds above me, while scrutinizing nature's beauty. Me having an adventurous soul, being a nature lover, and coming across the right balloon festival and pilot at the right time...

I hopped on, with no fears, and no worries or concerns about tomorrow. I hopped on a balloon, and I am so very happy I did. The balloon event that took place was The Shekinah Festival at the Shekinah Christian School as a fundraiser for the youth.

Not only did I fulfill my dream and desire of riding on a hot air balloon, but the funds I spent on the balloon fight aided plus went towards a good cause; to further enhance the learning, teaching and education of the youth at the Shekinah Christian School in Ohio.

My hot air balloon tour and flight lasted an hour long, as a group of us along with the pilot flew during morning sunrise from Plain City, Ohio to London, Ohio. It was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking: the view, the scenery, and the nature.

I was as a child, both innocent and fearless on the hot air balloon flight, as we went more than 1500 feet high in the sky. My heart fluttered with excitement I laughed, giggled, smiled, and took a lot of deep breaths, videos and pictures the higher we went.

The flight's views filled me with so much tranquility, looking down from the sky above towards the earth's surface below from such a great distance. The pilot made the flight that much more delightful through good conversation as we ascended thousands of feet in the sky.

We sailed smoothly in the sky above beautiful meadows, fields, flowers, ponds, tree tops, crops and other countryside landscape sceneries. During an early a.m. flight we even flew over and came across a couple of deer jumping and leaping in the morning fields.

I will always have unforgettable fond memories of the captivating views from this balloon flight adventure. Much more creative travels & artsy adventures to come in the future, all in due timing. I look forward to what next year holds, stay tuned, the best is yet to come.

- President & CEO of (SER) Scenery Essence Redesign, Ltd. - Denise Lancaster

Catch an exclusive view from my scenic hot air balloon flight in the video below.

(SER) Scenery Essence Redesign, Ltd. is an immersive eCommerce gallery enhancing residential and commercial spaces through award-winning luxury art, an online premier paintings and prints purveyor offering unprecedented high-quality works of art, no giclees or replicas.

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