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Updated: Apr 2


Luxury Art, Original Paintings and Prints, Art for Homes, Interior Design

Looking to refresh and liven up your space with some original artwork? Here are some practical tips to help you enjoy the process of enhancing your space while displaying artwork safe and secure with style…

Instead of always traditionally hanging art at eye level the original and old fashioned way on the walls find unique & creative ways to hang and place art. There is a variety of creative ways to uplift the aura of your space by uniquely placing framed art in places such as: on the floor against a large wall next to a couch or accent chair, on a large dresser or shelf, on a countertop or accent table.

To make your space look more appealing hang and place luxury art in diverse places that resonates throughout a room creating a pleasant look and welcoming feel. Select and purchase art that best complements your space and enhances the room’s ambiance, then add room accents such as vases, candles, and simple décor as an added touch to finalize the interior look.

Take advantage and embrace the space you have whether small or large displaying art where there is sufficient lighting in a safe place. Make sure art is securely and properly placed.

Whether commercial or residential spaces follow these brief and basic guidelines for creatively placing artwork in your public or private spaces and most importantly enjoy the art in your space, SER LTD clients do.

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